The Story of Leni...a tribute to my mom, fulfilling her dream.

Two years ago my mom and I were brainstorming about ways to do something good for children, engage them in something positive, and provide them with an outlet to communicate their wishes and views on PEACE and what living in a peaceful world looks like. 

We noodled on this for a few days, my mom sketched pictures and taglines and with some tweaking, lots of laughter and tears, a few cups of coffee, and conversations into the wee hours of the morning, the PRAY FOR PEACE PROJECT was born.


Well, since then, my mom had a debilitating stroke and has been on a long road to recovery, but is doing better.  Cognitively she struggles,  but remarkably, this project is one of the few things she is most lucid about and remembers everything!  She simply lights up when we discuss it and whenever I leave the facility she is currently at, she always says (in her limited ability and words): “Please promise this project will give children hope".

So, I am on this wonderful journey to fulfill her promise, her dream and wish that "...this project will give children hope", but am unable to do this alone.  Will you join us?  My mom and I thank you and hope you will spread the word to get others involved too.  After all, don't we all deserve to live in Peace?

With gratitude,